TC1 - No. 2976 von Peter / Standort Holland


Here is my story.

I have bought my Baur at the second of december 2008 after a short look at a Dutch site. It had a problem with the engine but it has his M.O.T (in dutch A.P.K) until august 2009 and it was cheap. After a quick look i decided to buy it.

It’s an original TC1 323i Baur with a 5-speed gearbox and some recaro seats . The car was  delivered in 1981 to a German dealer in Nurnberg. After a few different owners it has been stored since 2001 and returned back at August 2008. According to the instruments it has had 160.000 km but if this is accurate i do not know.

The ride towards my house was one with a few problems, first it stopped running a few times so that the ANWB (In deutschland ADAC) came with three cars and mechanics to find the problem, no good grounding at the ignitionunit. After another 40 kilometers i had no shifting of the gears, the connection between the handle and the gearbox was gone. I repaired this on the road and after totally 8 hours i was home with my first 125 kilometers drive in a BAUR TC1.

The first thing i did at home was replacing the wheels with my 13 inch Alpina’s and it was already a 100% change. After some checking of the engine, compression, valves it seems the basic of the engine was good but there was something else wrong. With help of my E21-friends on the Forum i came to tthe conclusion that two hoses were switched. One from the coldstartinjector and the other from the pressure-regulator were switched. Now it runs perfect.

The next thing is the electrics. One of the previous owners had placed the battery to the back and made a real mess of the wiring, this had to change so i am checking it al out.

Things to do as quick as possible:

Checking the car totally because there are some really stupid “modifications” done
Replacing the softtop because it has some cracks
Replacing the rubber of the driveshaft and also the central bearing
Relocate the battery
Replace the left front wing (corrosion)
Make everything so original as possible without a total restauration

The most important, driving it when it’s possible. The plan is to use the winterseason for repairing and the spring and summer for enjoying.
This is were i am today. A lott of work to be done so i hope the temperature in my garage will be better soon.

Greetings Peter Vissers

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