TC1 No. 2569 von Harry / Standort Puerto Rico


Hello, Stephan! Congratulations on the new website. It will be a great place to obtain information for all of us TC1 owners and enthusiasts.

I am attaching a few pictures of my 320/6. It was originally Kastanienrot and was originally delivered to Kohl-Automobile, Aachen, Germany.

It was later imported to Florida in the United States, where at some point in its life it was repainted Alpineweiss. It later was purchased by a gentleman living in Georgia, which is where I bought it.

Although I presently live in Puerto Rico, the car will remain in Atlanta, Georgia for use during my frequent trips there. I am having all the mechanical issues taken care of by Carma Motorsports there, and my intentions are to enjoy it for some time before I start a restoration. I would like to re-paint it its original color. As an interesting note, there are two other TC1's in the Atlanta area and both are Kastanienrot, so mine will be the third one.

I will provide additional updates as I perform work to the car.

Kindest Regards,
Harry Bonkosky


Webmaster: Thank you Harry for the very friendly keep on!

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